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Grow your business with the Vendible integrated payment platform.

Vendible  lets you accept many forms of digital assets including the leading cryptocurrencies.


Lower fees, faster remittance times, and no chargebacks makes cryptocurrency an attractive new way to get paid.


Our simple sign-up will guide you to accept payments with ease. Your shoppers will love the intuitive and fun interface.

Designed for ADOPTION

Every aspect of the Vendible platform is designed to promote efficient and effective business operations. By providing cryptocurrencies as an option for everyday transactions, this powerful technology can enhance user engagement with your brand.

New Customers
New revenue

As cryptocurrencies become a means of everyday transactions, merchants who accept these payments gain access to new communities and customer bases.

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Vendible offers you access to Bitcoin, PIVX, IoP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and the millions of community members who support these digital assets.

governance team

Vendible is overseen by founders and organization leaders from PIVX, IoP, Libertaria, and Sentinel. We are creating a true decentralized governance model where the people using the platform will decide the future of its development.

grow the network
earn passive income

Vendible members can become affiliates and bring new merchants into our network. For every new account, an affiliate will earn income as long as that merchant uses Vendible.

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our vision

Vendible’s vision is to be the solution for the future global economy by building an all-encompassing commerce ecosystem. Our payment gateway is the first step towards making our vision a reality.